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  1. All referees shall be certified by US Soccer Federation.
  2. All referees shall be required to attend a bi-annual meeting prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Seasons.
  3. All referees shall wear  the proper uniform. Shirt (long or short sleeved as appropriate) yellow  and black required  (other colors optional), black socks (preferably with 3 stripes at top), black sneakers or cleats, black shorts.  No hats,  sunglasses, sweatpants etc.
  4. All referees shall have a stop watch, whistle, set of flags, set of cards (yellow and red). You may also want to have: sunscreen, extra shirts, gloves (not ski gloves),  notebook (small), score sheets, ice pack, water.
  5. All referees will need to be signed up with Arbiter Sports.  You  will need to check your email nightly for assignments/changes that may occur. All referees are expected to block out their time as soon as they  know if they are not available.
  6. All referees will either accept or decline their game assignments via Arbiter Sports website, as soon as possible, but no later than 2 days prior to game. If a referee has  not responded within the allotted time frame, he/she will be removed from  that assignment and it will be given to another referee.
  7. All referees should show  up approximately 20-30 minutes prior to their assigned games.
  8. If for any reason you accepted an assignment, but can't make it, please contact the referee
         coordinator asap.  Home:  845-229-1606   Cell: 845-249-9734
  9. Grade 9 referees are not  allowed to be the center referee for any travel games.
  10. Feed back on referee performances are done throughout the season by coaches and board members. Referees are not to be standing in the center circle or in one position for any given length of time. Move with the play, be close enough to the "action". Be confident and look professional. (put in bold this next sentence). If you are not performing your duties appropriately, you will be notified to take corrective action and repeated unsatisfactory performances will be cause to remove you from be assigned games. 



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