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Jim Slater Memorial Scholarship Award


Jim Slater Memorial Scholarship Award

The Jim Slater Memorial Scholarship Award was established in the memory of Jim Slater who passed away tragically in 1991. To many adults and young people alike in our community, Jim represented the Hyde Park Soccer League; serving as president, vice-president, coach, father of his own soccer players, and a never ending source of encouragement and understanding for all. He had a vision for soccer in Hyde Park as the growing sport of excellence and well-being, of cooperation and camaraderie, and of skill and sportsmanship.

The funds for this scholarship were exhausted in 2013. 

This scholarship is based on four areas of excellence:

  1. Athletic participation in soccer,
  2. Academic achievement,
  3. Citizenship, and
  4. Involvement in Hyde Park Soccer.

Past Slater Scholarship Winners
Year Young Woman's Award Young Man's Award
2000 Kelly Haas Robert Fritz
2001 Michelle Ragonetti Aaron Capano
2002 Stephanie Slater Ryan Wisniewski
2003 Stephanie Bishop Jonathan Garrison
2004 Barbara Fritz Kevin O'Dowd
2005 Stephanie Profeta Dan Hare
2006 Caitlin Liquori Ryan Wiley
2007 Trish Langenau Matt Baluzy
2008 Caroline Bendyk Dan Rowe
2009 Kristilee Hedrick Dan Scott
2010 Sarah Courtney Rajan Kumar
2011 Deanna King Patrick Noonan
2012 Paige DuPilka Matt Meck
2013 Samantha Emmert Dan Schroedl



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